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The Kenyan Constitution

On 4 August 2010 the people of Kenya voted 'Yes' to the proposed Constitution.  Whilst the majority of the Constitution was good news for the people of Kenya, sadly Clause 26.4 was accepted (see below) which means that Kenya have voted to allow the killing of children by abortion.  This was despite many pro-life Christians seeking to have the clause removed.

Please pray that the Kenyan people will understand that if a mother's life is in danger, for whatever reason, that both she and her unborn baby should be treated as patients, and that everything should be done to save the lives of both of them.  In some cases, either the baby or the mother may die, but that should not stop doctors from trying to save them both.  If the mother's life is saved she would be able to continue with her life more positively if she knows that she did not allow her unborn baby to be killed by abortion, but that doctors had tried to save both her and her unborn baby.  She will not experience the guilt so many mothers know who have killed their unborn baby by abortion, for whatever reason.

Please also pray that this clause is not used in any way to gradually bring in 'abortion on demand' as has happened in so many nations worldwide.  Please also pray that eventually this clause will be removed from the Constitution and Kenya will once again be a 'pro-life' country.

Urgent Request from Lawyers - 19 June 2010

We have just received an update on the Court Case that was due to be held on 16 June 2010.  Please see the update below, and if you are able to help in anyway please contact directly or via his Facebook page to offer support in any way.

Thank you.

Hi Madam Grace,

How have you been?  Well just know that when we get financial opulence, we will be one of most reliable funders to MAY BLOSSOM MINISTERIES, this is a promise.

Well we attended court on 16th, unfortunately the ATTORNEY GENERAL did not show up but the Electoral commission lawyers showed up, the judge directed that the case be mentioned on the 22nd June 2010, and that we should file our submissions and authorities by Monday 21st June 2010.

We are now preparing our bundles of authorities.

We are pleased and appreciate your support for our case.  By the way it interesting to note that noble courses are normally executed by the weak and the most humblest people in the society, I tell you this because we are very young in the legal profession, because we graduated from law school just last year, but we had to stand up for what is right, it thus follows that we have been representing ourselves in court, and our meager resources are diminishing daily.

In fact as I write you this email, we have run out of cash to make our 3,000 page bundles of authorities.  Though you had expressly advised us that you are unable to assist us financially, we kindly request for your support as a friend with 100 pounds, to complete our research, make copies of authorities as well as file the same.

We passionately appeal that you come to our rescue as our friend.

Thank you in advance as GOD equips you with the resources to support us, kindly note that we will appreciate whatever amount at your disposal.

With regards


Kenya's Constitution

Please pray for the lawyers who are going to court on Wednesday 16 June to try and get the vote on the constitution postponed as they do not want to vote 'yes' to the constitution as a whole - they want the country to be able to vote yes or no on individual sections so that the 'Right to Life' 26 (4) clause can be removed.  The lawyers acknowledge that if the vote goes ahead as planned, and the people vote 'yes', then the killing of children by abortion will become legal in Kenya, and that is not what they want.

Please pray for May Blossom Ministries, Kenya as already the strict laws on killing children by abortion are being challenged by those who are seeking through the Constitution, the killing of children by abortion to be made more easily available.

On 7 April 2010 - The Obama Administration pressured Kenya to adopt the Constitution legalizing abortion.  On 20 May 2010, May Blossom Ministries (UK) were contacted by Kenyan lawyers to help them fight clause (4).  The clause can be found in on page 23, Part 2 - Rights and fundamental freedoms, which states:

Right to Life
26(1)Every person has the right to life.
 (2)The life of a person begins at conception.
 (3)A person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except to the extent authorised by this Constitution or other written law.
 (4)Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.

We have initially suggested that the first thing that we would straight away say is that we now always say 'the killing of children by abortion' and not just 'abortion'.  This way, even if this one amendment could be added, people would see immediately what is proposed - their denial is broken, and when it is considered that the constitution begins in the Preamble by acknowledging the supremacy of the God of all creation, and ends with 'God Bless Kenya' then we believe that the lawyers will have a good reason to seek this one initial amendment.  However, as the God of all creation, it should not be any one's decision to kill an innocent baby for whatever reason - this is Molech worship that the Lord God calls an abomination.

We are sure the lawyers are already aware of Psalm 139 which speaks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made and how the Lord knew us before a single day came into being, and our names are written in his book at this time.

As part of the arguement we have advised the lawyers that if a mother's life is in danger, then the doctors should do all in their power to seek to save both the baby and the mother's lives.  Killing the child will not save the mother.  Inducing the pregnancy may or may not save the mother, but if it does, even if the baby then dies, at least the mother knows she did not kill her own child and so will not have to live with the guilt that follows.  The trained health professional will also know that they did what they could to save both the mother and the baby and will also not subsequently suffer guilt if they had killed the child, whether or not the mother and/or baby survive.

The lawyers have already submitted a petition to the court to postpone the simple 'yes' or 'no' vote for the constitution as there may be some items in it that people agree with and some that they disagree with, and they want to be able to discuss and make amendments to the constitution and/or be able to accept or reject certain clauses according to their beliefs.  They are currently waiting to go back to court on this and we are waiting for them to contact us again to see what further help we can offer them.  The six page Petition can be seen here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5 and Page 6.

As you can see, our new May Blossom Ministries group are not just trying to stop women from killing their children by abortion, they are also raising awareness within their communities, men and women of all ages, on pro-life issues and helping those that have already killed their children and are leading them to the salvation and forgiveness and healing that comes only from the Lord, BUT they are also now helping in the fight against the new constitution coming into effect and bringing with it legalised killing of children by abortion.

The Maputo Plan of Action

The people of Africa are under further attack as a continent.  There is a wider issue that links in with the Kenyan Constitution that is also being challenged: The Maputo Plan which is being promoted by groups such as World Health Organisation (WHO), UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIAIDS, IPAS and The Gates Foundation.  The following was received as an email:

Dear Parliamentarian,

You will find attached, news about the extension of Maputo Plan of Action for African countries.  The UNFPA, IPPF, IPAS, Gates Foundation and other proabortion organizations are pushing for extension of the Maputo Plan of Action, which was used as a cover to support state-sponsored abortion on demand in Africa.  As the Obama Administration and the Pro-abortion organizations gear up for a new phase of attack on the African Child and African Woman, who they want to use as materials for their stem cell industry.  Their plan is to make abortion acceptable to Africans and engineer sales of abortion tissues taken from poor African women, to be used to support the projected $30 trillion dollar Western Stem Cell Industry.  At first they will make abortion legal.  As their target doctors collect the tissues, they will add financial incentives, so that, a poor young girl could get pregnant for the sole purpose to abort the child very early, which the doctors would use the IPAS MVA Plus syringe to pull out the fetal tissue filled with embryonic stem cells.  The stem cells in the fetal tissue will now be sent to a collection center usually in the African Countries' Capital City, from which they can be exported in small test tubes to Europe and America for the stem cell industry.

They are already doing this on a small scale with so-called egg-donation from poor African women through IVF clinics.  The financial inducement for aborted tissues, will make it very popular and easy way to obtain money both for the doctors, girls and women.  This will make the African women infertile after a few abortions, the uterus becomes incompetent.  The UN will achieve her institutional goal of reduction of Africa's population and fertility of the women, the Stem Cell Industry will get the materials for making new tissues for sale to the rich and famous, The Western Economies will boom from taxes collected from the stem cell industry, the Billionaires will smile to the bank and become Trillonaires, and African Mothers will turn into childless women, and the African Child will be no more.  The African Countries will become failed States from lack of manpower and by themselves will request to be recolonized.  This is the Era of Biological Colonization of Africa.

However, this is what you will hear from them.  They will portray the so-called 'safe abortion', as a means to reduce maternal and child mortality.  They say to us Africans, kill your children by abortions, make your women to loose motherhood, of course, there will be reduced infant mortality because nearly all fetuses were killed before they could be born alive, and reduced maternal mortality because of fewer mothers carried pregnancy to term.

This is mere gimmicks.  They are the ones, that have lost their minds!  They will not put funding into modern antenatal care, childhood disease prevention, water/sanitation and economic empowerment of African women.  No International Aid Agency in Africa offers a widespread microcredit loan scheme for poor African women, not even the World Bank.  But all will commit billions of US$ to contraception and abortion.  It is time to stop this Nonsense, and you are our Hope to do just that.  They think Africans are stupid.  Tell them we are smart, by saying NO to Renewal of Maputo Plan of Action, which promotes abortion on demand.  It expires this year.  The Maputo Plan of Action had no tangible achievement in the past three years, instead we got worse for it.  Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality has only but gone up in Nigeria, Africa's most populous Nation.  The rise in infant mortality rate (IMR) in Nigeria from 71.35 deaths per 1000 live births in 2003 to 95.74 deaths per 1000 live births in 2008, was related to the switch of the public health system personnel and activities from child care and maternal care services such as ORT, emergency obstetrical services to so-called REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (code name for abortion and contraceptive IUCD implants).  Nigeria ratified and implemented the Maputo Protocol and Maputo Plan of Action in every practical sense, abortions went up and contraceptive IUCD implants and high-dose estrogen injections were more obtainable at no cost than antimalarials and blood tonics.

What is in this Plan for Africans?  Nothing but Death!  They want the survival of the Western Economy to be based on stem cell industry, of which African woman's ovarian eggs and African fetal tissues are their raw materials!  Please oppose it in the Name of God.  Read how we opposed it in attached AAAC Letter Reply to G8 Leaders-Facts & Figs on Abortion.

God is Great and He Loves you!
Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze,
Chairman, Global Prolife Alliance

Also find out about the new push to accept the Maputo Plan of Action

Tax Evasion by Proabortion Billionaires Using Fake Foundations Around the World

Dear Member of Congress,

We hear about the great “charitable” deeds of many proabortion Billionaires in Africa.  Does anyone ever ask the question, how come all of a sudden, all World Billionaires turned ‘charitable’ donating Billions of USD to Africa?  Take for example the largest of these so-called charitable foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who claim a charitable fund of about $35 Billion USD.  If they can show that they spend at least $1.5 billion annually, they can maintain a tax free status in the United States.  What is in charity to Africa for these Billionaires?  Why do they sponsor abortion, vaccination, in-vitro fertilization and stem cell related research?  The Billionaires amongst them own over 95% of the stem cell industry, which they purchased as small incubators from university-based inventors for just a few million dollars.  The stem cell research industry was projected to be worth $30 trillion USD in a few years from now, if the key procedures are successfully developed.

What is lacking, is the material to perfect a key procedure for stem cell research called somatic cell nuclear transfer technique (SCNT).  To this effect you need billions of early fetal tissues which contain fetal tissue stem cells.  Some of this will be used in the labs for making some types of tissues that will grow into different body parts.  To facilitate obtaining these fetal tissues, they invent what is called Manual Vacuum Aspirators (MVA) which is just a vacuum syringe that will retain the content of aborted tissue for collection for the labs.  However, they claim it will provide ‘Safe’ abortions as a cover-up.  With the MVA, there is the death of the fetus and the same if not more severe trauma to the endometrium of the womb of the mother, that will result in infertility of the woman, at a point in the future.  By claiming that making abortions legal in all countries women would not die from unsafe abortions, they hope to have an abundance of these fetal tissues.  So they forge the statistics of deaths of women from so-called unsafe abortions worldwide.

Then they need ovarian eggs, from women from poor countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. &nsbpThis they would get by increasing the number of women who are infertile.  Therefore they structure their aid programs to include making of vaccines, and funding vaccination programs.  These vaccines include anti-human chorionic gonadotropine (anti-hCG).  Though recently newer chemical compounds are used to induce infertility.  The hCG is the hormone needed to maintain pregnancy.  So they merge the vaccine for the disease (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tetanus, HPV, Polio, H1N1) with anti-hCG, so that the woman would suffer miscarriages.  The desire to have a child will make the woman to go for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), where their proabortion doctor-agents pouch the ovarian eggs for sale to stem cell labs.  By undertaking a massive vaccination program especially in developing countries and in some developed countries (with H1N1), the number of infertile women would grow, so the market for ovarian eggs will be readily available at a cheap cost.  They are undertaking such vaccination programs even in Europe and the US, as a backup plan, so that there will be domestic sources, incase their international efforts falls short.

Therefore, they needed a Health Reform Plan, that includes abortion funding and so-called Reproductive Health, as the alternative source from the poor women n their society.  To evade being caught, the Billionaires setup these foundations and try to act through the UN Agencies who before now are trusted by the developing countries especially in Africa.  These UN agencies along with IPPF, IPAS and others coin international protocols (Maputo Protocol, CEDAW and others) to bring their actions to be protected by laws in those countries.

Furthermore, the G8 governments come in to help and hinge their foreign aid programs on the condition of so-called reproductive health, another name for abortion on demand.  They fund Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to add to the coercion by blackmailing leaders in developing countries who want to stand strong for their people and say no to a program of extermination through abortions.  They undertake to pay the expenses of the UN organizations who otherwise traditionally do useful work.  These Billionaires reshuffle the Apparatchik of the UN agencies, so as to find it easy to dictate to them, what they want to be done.  They tell them to purchase vaccines from a paid manufacturer who is already informed on what the Billionaires want.  For example the deal between Bill Gates Foundation and WHO.

Most developing countries grant these so-called foundations by Billionaires tax free status, which they in turn use to do so-called ‘charity’ deeds, very much rejected in developing countries.  For example, the protests against IPAS funded abortion Bill in Imo State Nigeria.  The citizens of developed countries do not know that their money is used to do evil in developing countries especially in Africa.  By granting a tax free status to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations the government of the US is indirectly funding abortions, and thereby breaking their own laws prohibiting funding of abortions with federal money, because the $1.5 billion USD yearly, which belongs to the American People from otherwise unpaid taxes is now being used to fund abortion programs in Africa.  Otherwise, the Gates Foundation would pay this money as taxes to cut the deficit and lift the burden on future Americans.  One would ask, if in these times of economic hardship, if the ordinary American who is struggling, would be happy to see that their money for social services, is now used to kill poor African Children before they are ever born, While the Billionaires continue to use otherwise public funds, to make investment in their own stem cell industry, deceptively marketed as “charity” to Africa.

What is required, is for the US and other developed countries to stand firm and enforce their own national laws, that do not allow these types of conflicts of interest.  US lawmakers of both parties, need to have the courage to say that US laws must be enforced.  All these Billionaire Foundations are just camouflage for special interest activities, promoting industrial investments for their Billionaire owners, they must all pay their due taxes.  For us all, two things are certain, death and taxes, so the Billionaires must do their own part.

See attached files for further information:
Bill Gates AIDS-Vaccine-Report
Anti-fertility Vaccine becomes Reality
EU Report On Human Egg Trafficking in Europe and Africa - Tutkova
HPV Vaccine Causes Infertility
Is the H1N1 Vaccine Safe?
Medical experts, activists foreign donor vaccine and infertility
New Global Study on MMR
Oweri Protest Against Abortion
Tax Evasion By Billionaires

A message from the Contributors of the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA).

The whole continent of Africa needs our constant prayers if we are to stop these insidious plans from becoming reality across Africa.

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